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Thank you for your interest in working with us and we look forward to outfitting your next production

EVP Equipment List


Phase One kit- XF/iQ3 100MP w/55mm f/2.8, 80mm f/2.8, 120mm f/4 Macro MF

   (can also get any other lenses upon request w/3 days advance notice)

Sinar P2 4x5 Camera w/ lenses & multi position adaptor kit for Phase One digital back



MPU (Mobile Production Unit) 20’ enclosed trailer w/air conditioned portable office & internet


Profoto Pro 10 2400w/s strobe generator

Profoto Pro 8a 2400w/s strobe generator

Profoto Pro 7a 2400w/s strobe generator

Profoto Pro 7B 1200 w/s batt powered strobe generator

Profoto Pro B2 1200 w/s batt powered strobe generator w/integrated PW radio reciever

Profoto Pro B4 1000 w/s batt powered strobe generator

 Profoto ProHead

Profoto Pro7 Head 

Profoto Pro Ringlite w/softlite reflector

Profoto 32’ head ext cable

Profoto Air Transceiver

Profoto 4’x6’ RFi softbox

Soft grid

Profoto 3’x4’ RFi softbox

  Soft grid

Profoto 1’x1.3’ RFi softbox

Soft grid

Profoto 1’x3’ RFi stripbox

Soft grid

Profoto 1’x4’ RFi stripbox

Soft grid

Profoto 1’x6’ RFi stripbox

 Soft grid

Profoto 3’ Octabank RFi softbox

 Soft grid

Profoto 5’ Octabank RFi softbox

 Soft grid

Elinchrome 74" x 74" Octalite w/profoto ring

Elinchrome Rolalux 27.5 w/profoto ring

Elinchrome Rolalux (deep throat) 39" w/profoto ring

Elinchrome Rotalux Octalite 39" w/profoto ring

Profoto 3’ HR Flat Lantern w/skirts (can handle up to 1k continuous light)

Profoto Softlight reflector (beauty dish)

10° Grid

Profoto Magnum Reflector 

10° Grid

Profoto Pro Wide Zoom Reflector

10° Grid

Profoto Med White Umbrella

Profoto Lrg White Umbrella

Profoto Med Silver Umbrella

Profoto Lrg Silver Umbrella

Profoto ProBox

Profoto 8’ Giant Silver Umbrella Reflector

Profoto Giant 300 10’ Silver Parabolic Reflector

Profoto RFi speedrings

Pocket Wizards

Westcott Zeppelin 59” Parabolic kit

Westcott Zeppelin 47” Parabolic kit

Westcott Zeppelin 35” Parabolic kit

Chimera 30” bulb lantern w/skirt

Fresnel Housing w/assortment of lenses for Profoto


Low Boy Rollers

Jr Rollers

Medium Rollers

High Rollers

Mini Boom

Jr Boom

Super Boom

Mega Boom w/Super Windup Crank Stand

Avenger A4050CS Heavy duty convertible boom combo stand on rollers w/counter weight

Avenger D650 Heavy duty boom arm

Manfrotto Combo Stands

Manfrotto 420CSU Convertible boom stand w/counter weight

Basic light stand (assortment)


20' x 20' overhead set (includes frame, ears & corners, 4 mombo stands, 1 rag)

12’x12’ overhead set (includes frame, ears & corners, 2 med rollers, 1 rag)

 additional rags available

8’x8’ overhead set (includes frame, ears & corners, 2 med rollers, 1 rag)

  additional rags available

Westcott Scrim Jim 2x 4’x6’ frame kit (includes rags)

4’x4’ assorted flags

4’x4’ assorted floppies

Small assorted flags

25’ power cord

50’ power cord

100’ power cord


Open Access to Tool Box on MPU for small all grip



Gaff tape

Cine foil

Lighting gels

(allotted footage must be purchased in advance)