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We are a commercial photography service provider specializing in advertising,

promotional, and product photography, with over 20 years experience. We only work with the

highest quality professional optics and digital recording media. We take pride in

our use of Professional and artistic styles of lighting with the capability to produce

the highest quality product with an unmatched production value. We compile

artistic technique with commercial practical application enabling us to create

images that cannot be duplicated by any competitor. We combine modern tools

of technology with timeless techniques and methods as well as peak professional

production services. Why are we the better choice over the competition? We

understand that there are several other competitors out there for you to choose

from; many of which probably offer substantially lower rates. However many of

these “competitors” can hardly be considered such and while their lower rates

might seem appealing, in most cases you’ll just be throwing money away. Since

these cut rate “photographers” are incapable of producing an adequate

professional product. Many of these “photographers” you will find today are selfproclaimed

and severely lack any of the skills, experience, knowledge, talent or

the proper equipment necessary to produce a truly professional image. There are

several factors that come into play when producing a professional quality

photograph; such as detailed pre planning, selecting and securing a location

(when applicable), taking measurements, composing & setting the camera,

complex lighting, stylizing the scene (sometimes building “cameraflage” or “scene

blinds” on the fly to circumvent distracting reflections in certain surfaces) and the

ability to do all this on any location (still treating the clients property with care &

respect despite the fact we provide full liability insurance) all while performing our

tasks in a timely and efficient manner. We are so skilled with the science of

lighting that we can shape it to our liking under any conditions for any subject;

which is a skill set that is hard to come by with most other photographers.

Efficiency, professionalism, the proper equipment of the most professional level

and an exceptional final product are the attributes that our clients deserve and

receive. We provide fair quotes based on the specific needs of each individual

production. David is also an experienced cinematographer and cinematic lighting

technician (gaffer) all which is implemented in our branded shooting style.


About the Photographer David Brinko


David Brinko’s photography career first launched at the age of 13 when he

unexpectedly received his grandfather’s Canon AE-1 in the mail. Immediately he

began to learn how to use and eventually master his camera. Through high

school he started taking photo classes and began working in photo labs by junior

year. By the time he finished high school he had worked for a few photo labs and

had already began accepting paying photographic jobs. After high school, David

attended local colleges to get his general academics out of the way. At the same

time he also started working in a local pro camera store; Harmon Photo in

Orlando. He would work there on and off over the next 5 years. During that time

he worked with several seasoned professional photographers who taught him

most of the skills he practices today. Working there, he was also put on a front

line for many professional photo jobs that shaped the foundation of his present

day career. Sometime in 2000 David accepted an opportunity to shoot hip hop

shows and celebrity events for Vibe Magazine. This led to several promotional

and album cover shoots for local hip hop artists. In 2001 he left for Maine to

attend film school at Rockport College where he received an AS degree in Film &

Television Production. After his time in ME David returned to FL and began

working freelance jobs in the motion picture industry. Over the next few years he

worked in many film set positions such as; on-set stills photographer, grip &

electric, AC, DP, gaffer, camera op, crane & jib assist, steadicam assist/op and

location scout/manager.

The next venture he would embark on was accepting a 2 year temp contract

shooting for NASA. Working in the space program was a chance to photograph

the most exciting subjects of his life. It was here that his “photo assignments”

evolved into “missions” to be completed. Some of these missions included; ISS,

the Hubble Space Telescope, Shuttle launches, media coverage, mission

documentaries and internal publication photo shoots. He was also the primary

studio photographer/consult who reshaped their entire process & equipment

inventory behind all studio and location photography. As a space program

photographer he had access to almost the entire space center with government

secret clearance. After his NASA contract ended, he went on to a vast many

other freelance projects including working as a lighting director for other

photographers. Eventually in 2011 he created the entity “Edge Media Services,

LLC” (Now closed) and built out his 5500 sq ft commercial studio space. He then

decided to scale back his operation and overhead considerably and closed the

studio a few years later.

Currently to date David; centralized in the SE US, is still working as an

independent freelancer on many projects with multiple clients/contract employers

under the current company Eclectic View Photographic, LLC. He operates out of

his mobile production trailer on commercial, promotional, advertising, publication,

sports action, event, and large format light painting jobs all across the South




Serving All of Central FL and available for travel





Listed below in the Credits are a some of my past & present clients over the




Some of my current and past clients include but not limited to:

Studio One Orlando, ICONOCLAST, Uber Content, UEP (Universal Event

Photography), Patio & Hearth Products Report (Trade Publication), DWS Studios,

Magic Memories, Royal Purple, Becknell Industrial, Boeing, Gator Film

Productions, Heather Henson's Broadway Muppet Show, Brinko Ties Inc, Lily B,

Artisan Imagery Inc, Roll Bar Orlando, Healing Quest, VacancyLove.com, 30FPS

Productions, Suzanne Delaurentiis Prod, WNR Productions, World Gate

Entertainment, Convergence Media, Pulte Homes, RDV Sports Complex, HD

Net, Time Warner Cable, Screen Door Entertainment, Most Famous Nobody

Prod, Vibe Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, West Orange Times; Several other

independent clients such as: recording artists, independent production

companies, small business owners, website based businesses, and

entertainment professionals.

Areas of Photo Expertise: Commercial/Promotional, Corporate, Studio,

Lighting Design, Product, Fashion/Portraiture, Event, Music/Entertainment,

Sports Action, Cinema Production Stills, Large Format Light Painting (4x5)










Commercial and Advertising Photography - Orlando – Tampa – Daytona Beach - Eclectic View Photographic


For years, Orlando has turned to Eclectic View Photographic for the skill, experience, and tools to produce  beautiful advertising and commercial photographs.


Eclectic View Photographic has more than 20 years experience serving clients in various industries ranging from the space industry to Hip Hop music. Few achieve the level of experience, and the range of equipment, to be able to handle nearly any type of photography production imaginable. We strive to be the best at what we do, and provide value to all of our customers throughout Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa, and Brevard County.


We are dedicated to delivering photographs that have both visual and visceral impact. No photograph is complete until it tells a story, and resonates with the viewer on an emotional level. It's no wonder advertisers and businesses of all size turn to us for professional commercial photography.


Contact us to find out how we can help you realize your vision, and help you grow your business with stunning photography.



Serving All of Central FL and available for travel